Donate and show your support for New Alkebulan Families. All money that you donate is tax deductible and helps parents to afford transportation, trips, and travel as some of the projects will have an overseas component. Your donations will also be added to a scholarship fund to help more students obtain a New Alkebulan Education.

Sponsor a New Alkebulan project and give you and/or your company visual exposure and advertising opportunities. Your logo and company information on our website, newsletter, and social media sites can make hundreds of community members aware of your products and services. Email us now with "SPONSOR" in the subject line and build your business by helping us build our projects.

Invest in the future of our children by investing in the growth of the New Alkebulan corporation. Become a shareholder in our corporation and own a piece of a company that is on track to building schools, owning real estate, and owning trademarked and copyrighted assets such as books, apps, digital courses and educational games, tools, and toys. Email us now with "INVEST" in the subject line and grow your money as we grow.