Online School

Students can participate in New Alkebulan academic courses and projects online. Online participants will be able to log into a secure site and view the courses LIVE in real time. They will also be able to view and download assignments, submit assignments, and engage the instructor and their peers as they actively participate in class. Recordings are also made available for students who are not able to attend live classes. Online students receive assessements and credit for their work that can transfer to other schools they might attend. The cost of Online School for the 2018-2019 Projects is $350/month. Other courses for Early Learners (ages 2-5) in Reading, Writing, and Math and community members in Credit, Entrepreneurship, Black History and more are available at varying prices. View the options in our Online School now and register for a course today.

Homeschool Options

For parents who choose to homeschool their children New Alkebulan can serve as an Umbrella school (also called a cover school or "600" school). You can register your children into New Alkebulan projects, academic courses, online courses, afterschool programs, field trips or simply use our administrative services. We currently offer enrollment for Florida students in grades 3–8. We provide record keeping services, attendance records, homeschool ID's, transcript services, portfolios (if they participate in projects or courses) and annual evaluation.