What We Offer

We offer programs, courses, and enrichment activities that empower children and the African-American community academically, culturally and economically. Our educational programs exceed public school requirements and prepare children for college, job acquisition, and job creation. The goal of our programs is to shift the mindset of students and instill within them a knowing that they can grow beyond any limitation, build their lives, and rebuild their community. With a New Alkebulan education students of all ages come to know that they are CREATORS and gain the knowledge and skills to create in a way that is successful, sustainable, and (aligned with african principles, balance, preserve the earth, interconnectedness of all life, etc)


Projects are used to deliver a full academic curriculum that exceeds the standards of public schools and engages students in relevant, skill-building activities. Each project spans a school semester and is available to children ages 8 to 13. Each project is an amazing academic experience that incorporates rigorous coursework and project-based learning in a collaborative, nurturing environment. Students use online tools for individualized study along with direct instruction in all content areas, providing the solid foundation required to earn a high school diploma and enter into college dual enrollment.

Preparation for the SAT and ACT tests is embedded within each project. Students learn over 100 vocabulary words taken directly from the SAT and ACT tests and the reading, writing, and mathematics in every project is aligned with college readiness. Students hone their test-taking skills and receive assessments but there is no mandatory testing, no FSA and no EOC's. In addition to traditional academics, 2018-2019 projects teach skills such as changing a tire, simple car maintenance, understanding money, starting a business, entrepreneurship skills, public speaking, understanding credit, strategic thinking, and much more. Projects also incorporate field trips, seminars, community engagement, and guest speakers.

Our educational model is designed to benefit and meet the needs of students who:
  • are willing to do the work required to keep up with an accelerated curriculum (this does NOT mean "gifted", it simply means WILLING to give your all)
  • need one-on-one support from culturally responsive educators
  • are seeking a smaller setting
  • are homeschooled but desire community
  • would be enhanced by an African-centered environment

Students who are enrolled in Semester Projects at our brick-and-mortar site also receive full access to the Online School as a part of their registration. This allows both students and their parents to attend daily sessions on their computer or phone if they are not able to make it in person.

The cost ranges from $450-750/month, depending on whether the child participates in academics only, project builds only, or both. Scholarships will be available and based on income. Online registration begins Summer 2018. Limited seats are available so register online today to receive an invitation to our Open House.

2018-2019 PROJECTS:

June 16 - Aug 11, 2018 TIME TO READ

This reading program is designed to teach reading, writing, and basic grammar to children between the ages of 2 and 5. Saturday instructional sessions will be accompanied by daily home practices and online resources. If your child has been going to daycare, preschool, or kindergarten and still can not read join us this summer and watch them learn to read in as little as 8 weeks.

Aug 20 - Nov 23, 2018 GOT DRIVE?

Students study the mechanical and personal meaning of DRIVE. Students build a cellphone remote controlled car and a motorized go-kart while studying the physics of motion and mechanics, the metaphysics of personal momentum, the psychology of developing a growth mindset, and the history of revolutionary movements.

Nov 26 - Feb 16, 2019 MONEY MATTERS

Students learn entrepreneurship by fully developing a product or service and starting their own business that they pitch in front of an investors panel. They study the history of businesses in the Black community and examine what businesses our community needs moving forward.

Feb 18 - June 8, 2019 CHESS NOT CHECKERS

Students build a life-sized chess game and host a community tournament while learning about the REAL WORLD chess game that we live in. They explore the laws of power, the art of strategizing, and the concept of powernomics as they devise their own plans for the future of our community.